Chameleon Pepper Spray - Includes 3 Interchangeable Designs

Style: Pink Cheetah/Stars/Zebra
Sale price$9.99


Innovation from Mace Brand!

Introducing the new Chameleon, a pepper spray you can change to match your look!

The Chameleon comes with 3 "skins", an American flag, a beach scene and a camouflage pattern.  To change from one look to the other, just give the clear bottom of the spray a quarter turn and the unit comes apart.  You can then choose which skin to display, be sure to keep the other two behind it.

Even better.... make your own!  Just size your favorite photo to be 3" long x 1-5/8" high, print it on good paper and insert it into your spray!  Now you can see your kids, your dog, your spouse, or the whole family whenever you look at your spray. 

Here are more key features of the Chameleon:

-10 ft range

-Powered by the maximum heat pepper spray allowed by law

-Made in the USA

-If you ever have to use your Chameleon, don't throw it out, you can buy a set of (2) new fully charged pepper cans!

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