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As part of Mace® Brand's mission, we're committed to being a good neighbor and making a difference in our local community. In our hometown of Cleveland, we have a fantastic non-profit located just a few blocks away from our headquarters called The City Mission.

Just like Mace® Brand, The City Mission is committed to empowering its community. In fact, we are proud to partner with this organization by filling "Comeback Kits" for those in need, and presenting volunteer opportunities to all of our employees. Like most non-profits, they are seeking help from those in the Cleveland area and beyond. Read on to learn more about The City Mission and how you can be a part of this powerful organization. 


The City Mission started in 1910 and continues to meet the changing needs of those experiencing crisis in the city of Cleveland. The mission has individualized, comprehensive programs to provide basic needs, recovery resources, and practical paths for people without housing. 


Gospel-centered teaching and counseling remain the core objectives of The City Mission. The Mission offers practical education such as computer training, resume writing, and even job training with help from local businesses and individuals who help provide private funding and help volunteer their time. Education and training are two important forms of empowerment.



Bianca's story is an example of the power of The City Mission to change people's lives. After experiencing homelessness, Bianca worked tirelessly to positively change life for herself and her two children. While going back to school to be a medical lab technician, she worked full time to become debt-free. It took determination, but she says it was worth it. 

"It's a lot to juggle and it can be exhausting, but it's so rewarding," says Bianca. "It's all worth it. I am working toward my future and my kids' futures as well."

Now Bianca's son and daughter have their own rooms and a backyard at home, and they're happy. Bianca has advice for other women who may be considered for the New Horizons Program, which helps women by providing transitional housing. "Stick to your goals and do whatever you have to do. Don't give up."


Jaime Buxton, the Community Engagement Manager at The City Mission says:

"...We are more than just a “shelter.”  We are truly a crisis center, and we are dedicated to getting to know the men, women and children that we serve as individuals. We come alongside them in their crisis and help them make goals to achieve success and overcome the barriers that brought them to us."

"I think the first and best way to help is to understand crisis and poverty. Our needs are everchanging so reach out to us and ask what is critical and be open to learn why that particular item is important to our ministry."


Mace® Brand and its employees contribute to The City Mission by putting together "Comeback Kits." These kits consist of personal care items, and help individuals live empowered lives. We're working together to improve our community, which is called MidTown

If you would like to create and contribute your own "Comeback Kit," feel free to reach out directly to The City Mission.


The City Mission is also looking for volunteers. Right now there is a special need for meal providers, childcare help, "done-in-a-day" group projects, and after school assistance.  To find out more about these opportunities visit or email

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