Mace® Brand Pepper Spray - Why Haley and Kayla are Fans

Haley and Kayla. 

They're open, helpful, and proactive - probably a lot like you.

They both have families and jobs that put them in situations where they are sometimes alone. Both say they sometimes travel in unfamiliar territory that could put them at risk. Can you relate?

The number of women who are traveling for business has increased over the last decade. Women now account for approximately 33% of all business travelers. (Source:

Kayla tells us more about how her life has changed for the better since she got her pepper spray:

Q:  How has carrying your personal Mace® Brand pepper spray made a difference for you?

     Kayla: "Mace® brand pepper spray has reduced my anxiety of walking in and out of work and other places alone. I feel more enabled to go where I need to now."

 Q:  What advice do you have for other women when it comes to non-lethal protection?

      Kayla: "Don’t wait to protect yourself with Mace® pepper spray. Every woman needs to have protection."

 Q:  Do you feel safer?  More empowered?

         Kayla: "Yes! 100%"

Their father-in-law Charles, from Uniontown Pennsylvania, sent us this email:

 "My wife and two daughters-in-law now carry the Mace® full size pepper spray, in neon pink, and they feel more secure in their daily travels and I feel safer for them as well. One daughter-in-law works in retail and she feels more secure when closing at night and my other daughter-in-law works in the medical field and travels frequently alone. The security your Mace® products provide is priceless!"

Thanks for sharing your email with us Charles!


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The pepper spray these ladies carry has a flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge, and a finger-grip design that helps ensure an accurate shot. Pick your favorite color right now, and you too can feel safer and more secure.  Haley and Kayla, empowered, thanks to our full size pepper spray.

Full Size Pepper Spray - Multiple Colors | Mace® Brand



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