What's in Your Gym Bag? The Workout Essential You Might Overlook

There are many workout bag essentials you should have on hand for a trip to the gym. One overlooked item? A personal safety device. Specifically - a pocket pepper spray from Mace® Brand. Your personal safety should be as mobile as you are, and for those times when you have to go it alone, Mace® Brand products can provide you with that confidence and empowerment that comes with knowing you're prepared.  


Beyond a personal safety device, what other workout bag essentials do you need for a productive gym sesh? Let's start with two things you need in your gym bag that begin with the letter "W."

1. Water bottle

2. Wireless headphones 

Both come in a wide variety of choices. Google "water bottles" and you could spend an afternoon going through your choices. Look for a reusable water bottle that will easily fit in workout machine cup holders, and consider an easy access spout. You don't want to have to unscrew the top of your water bottle mid-run! 

Wireless headphone or earbuds keep you engaged. Listening to music or a podcast can make your workout more enjoyable, and you can always choose to stay in your privacy zone (translation = you don't have to talk to strangers).


While not necessary to work out, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions are gym bag essentials that are necessary post-workout. Stock up on the mini versions of these workout bag essentials from the travel section at your pharmacy or grocery store. Carry them inside a sealable bag and keep the bag in your gym bag. The small items take up less space, and if one of the bottles leaks it's really not a big deal. Consider a spray of dry shampoo if you don't have time to hit the shower right after your workout.


What do you do with your sweaty clothes after your workout? Unless your laundromat is next door to your gym, it is helpful to carry an extra-large ziploc bag or buy a sports wet/dry bag. Most wet/dry bags have two sides separated by a lining, so you can keep wet clothes on one side and clean clothes on the other.


Speaking of clothes, carry an extra set in your gym bag. Not only is this helpful if you need to head to the gym right from work or another activity, but the right workout clothes can also double as items you can wear while running errands or catching up with friends.


Protein bars make an excellent snack. Make sure they're individually wrapped to prevent crumbs from gathering in your gear. A healthy snack will improve recovery, replenish your energy, and ensure you feel strong throughout the rest of the day. 


Wearable technology can monitor your workouts and help you maintain focus. And don't forget to leave a portable charger in your gym bag in case of a battery emergency. Empower yourself for the unexpected.  

Just as proper preparation plays a key role in your personal safety, taking a few minutes to prepare your gym bag also plays a key role in making your workouts much more enjoyable. 


A  common question we hear: "Is mace pepper spray?"  The short answer: MACE® is a brand, pepper spray is what's inside the cannister. So when you choose to protect yourself with pepper spray, we want you to you choose a Mace® Brand product.

Our name recognition is tops, and we keep growing and innovating to help empower you with the best non-lethal personal defense products out there. We've been in the personal safety industry for more than 50 years, and we're proud to be American made.

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