What Do Moms Really Want for Mother's Day?

It's a question children of all ages have been asking for years: What do Moms really want for Mother's Day? Flowers? Candy? Breakfast in bed? Let's take a look at what most moms received last year, and find out what moms say they really want. Plus we've added a few easy ideas for good Mother's Day gifts to help your mom enjoy her day.

Last year as we were all dealing with restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic, greeting cards were the most popular items purchased for moms, followed closely by flowers.

Mother's Day is typically the busiest day of the year in the restaurant industry, and that may be the case again this year as most states have loosened restrictions on dining.

Mother's Day was first recognized as a holiday in the United States in 1914. Here's another fun fact: about 122 million phone calls are made to moms on Mother's Day in the United States each year.

We asked mothers on our social media platforms what they really want for Mother's Day, and the top answers may surprise you.

The number one answer to our poll was a day off, followed closely by spending time with family. One of the main ways to show appreciation for your mom is to give her that day off with no duties. Most moms want a day of freedom from the ordinary routine.

Of course, several other organizations have conducted similar polls. According to real moms surveyed by @parent on Instagram, sleep is the number one thing moms want on Mother's Day. Here's a look at their top 10.

  1. Sleep
  2. A day off or alone time
  3. A spa day or massage
  4. A vacation
  5. A night or weekend alone in a hotel
  6. A clean home
  7. Recognition and appreciation
  8. Someone else making breakfast/breakfast in bed
  9. Jewelry
  10. A haircut

What else? Think about good Mother's Day gifts for your mom's personal safety.

The new Mace® Brand Palm Stun Device is easy to carry, but still delivers what's needed for protection. It's ideal for moms on the go, especially for those who enjoy hiking, walking, or jogging. 

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Pick mom's favorite color and get her a Mace® Brand Sport Pepper Spray. It has an adjustable hand strap for easy carrying and a keychain for fast access. This pepper spray has an advanced delivery system that provides long-range protection up to 12 feet.

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It's always a good idea to put safety first, and empower your mom to protect herself. Mace® Brand is committed to providing community and family safety through individual empowerment. A gift of personal safety for mom speaks volumes.


And remember, anything personal is a good bet if you need last-minute Mother's Day gift suggestions. A homemade card or craft that shows appreciation is always sure to please.

And remember the words "Thank You." Moms want to hear it. Tell your mom  "Thank you for being a great mom."


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