Pepper Spray to the Rescue - Postal Carrier Takes Action


Postal service worker Alex Uber doesn't consider himself a hero for what he did. In fact, he says "I did what anyone would do." 

What he did helped save a woman's life.

Uber was on his regular walking route delivering the mail in Lorain County, Ohio when he heard screaming coming from a back yard. The woman screaming for help could see her neighbor getting attacked by a violent dog!


Uber dropped his mailbag, jumped a fence, and pulled out his pepper spray.  As he got closer, he could see the woman being dragged across the grass by her own dog. This was a dangerous situation, and the woman already had several cuts and was bleeding.

Uber shot his pepper spray at the dog and was able to get the dog distracted enough for the woman to get free. The victim had to be rushed to the hospital after the violent dog attack and underwent surgery in the intensive care unit.


This all unfolded several months ago, and the woman attacked by the violent dog is now back home and has recovered. She suffered 27 puncture wounds, and she won't ever forget the day her postal carrier came to the rescue.

We reached out to Uber for an update. He was happy to bring us the latest, and share what he's learned from his experience. 

The frightening ordeal brings to light an important safety issue. It's important to carry a non-lethal protection device not only for yourself, but in case you encounter someone who needs your help. 


Alex Uber tells us more about his thoughts on carrying pepper spray.

Q:  You mentioned you always keep your pepper spray visible when you carry it, in addition to making it easier to access and use, does it give you an increased sense of security?

Alex: Carrying pepper spray with me on the street allows me to have a back-up defense, especially being out here on my own every day.

 Q:  Would you recommend people carry pepper spray so they might be able to take action in a desperate situation like you did?

 Alex: I would recommend pepper spray as a form of non-lethal defense tactic. It’s easy to carry, easy to hide and easy to access in a tight situation if carried properly.

 Q:  Do you have any advice for folks thinking about getting pepper spray for their loved ones to carry?

Alex: I absolutely suggest carrying pepper spray. It’s easily clipped to backpacks/purses, center consoles and glove boxes in cars (under appropriate conditions), or on its own in crowded areas or where there’s no concealed area to keep it. There are several ways to carry.

 Q:  What sticks with you about that encounter with the dog?

Alex: The main thing that sticks from that experience is the ability to turn off cognitive reasoning. There’s no time to second guess or think about consequences but to do what’s right and needs to be done. When someone needs help I do what I would hope someone would do for me.


So how can you protect yourself and be ready to help others?

If the attacker is a dog, Mace® Brand has a specific product to help.

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Several other non-lethal options for protection are available should you encounter a situation, such as a person-to-person attack, that requires something more powerful than a dog repellent spray. 

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Mace® Brand is committed to providing community and family safety through individual empowerment.

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