Popular New Year's Resolutions and the Personal Safety Devices to Match

It's almost 2022, are you ready? What will 2022 bring in terms of work, travel, and spare time? Whatever lies ahead for you in the year ahead, Mace® Brand is here to help ensure you're prepared. Here are some practical ways to stay empowered and safe for the entire year. 


If walking, jogging or hiking are new activities you plan to try in the new year, we recommend adding a portable safety device to your gym bag or backpack. An ideal choice would be our palm stun device or a sport pepper spray.  Both can be easily carried in your hand and offer solid protection if you need it. The palm stun device stuns a would-be attacker, and often the crackling sound alone is enough to stop a potential attack. The Mace® Brand sport pepper spray causes respiratory distress and coughing, impaired vision and an intense burning sensation to the skin. 



You know it's healthy to get moving, and it's also important for your pet. Something you may not know, according to Pawtracks: walking a dog is good for the dog's mental health. To protect yourself and your dog while out walking, always take along your Muzzle Dog Repellent, should you encounter an unfriendly animal. The spray is a humane defense that won't cause harm to other animals.  


Sunshine and fresh air work wonders on your body, even if it's for just a few minutes each day. In addition to getting some Vitamin D from the sun, getting outside can help reduce stress and even foster creativity. Keep a Mace® Brand Outdoor Bundle in your garage, and stay prepared to stay safe outdoors. The kit includes two Guard Alaska Bear Sprays and two Muzzle Dog repellent sprays. Grab the bear spray if you're hiking in bear territory, and the muzzle dog repellent spray if you're walking the dog around the block or going for a ride to a nearby park. You never know. 


 Make 2022 a great year. And check in frequently at www.mace.com for informative ways to stay educated and empowered. 

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