Mace® Brand Helps Runner During Dog Confrontation

She was out for her morning run, when something unexpected happened. Sarah is an experienced runner. She's also a running coach, and always carries her Mace® Brand sport model pepper spray with her when she runs. She was prepared, and takes her personal safety seriously. She feels empowered knowing she is prepared. 

Sarah picks up the story...

"I noticed a lady and her dog on the other side of the street about a block away. The dog bolts up to me and starts threatening me, ears back, teeth bared, growling and barking."

Sarah says she always tries to avoid dogs when she's out for a run, but just like most runners, she's used to dogs barking at her as she passes. But this was not an ordinary situation.

"The owner was calling the dog's name from across the street, but made no effort to intervene. For the first time ever, I flipped open my MACE® pepper spray and had my finger on the trigger, ready to spray."

And since she was ready, Sarah's preparation paid off.

"The owner noticed the whole thing being observed by another dog walker nearby...and realized there would be a witness to this all being entirely unprovoked if something were to happen. She finally made an effort to get the dog to come back to her. I didn't stick around, but I'd bet good money that if asked, the owner would have said either 'don't worry, she's all bark and no bite," or 'I don't know what got into her, she's usually so sweet.' "

Things worked out for Sarah, but we're wondering if this happens to other runners. What has been your experience with dogs while running? Are you prepared? Do you carry a non-lethal personal protection item like pepper spray, a personal alarm, or a palm stun device?

Let us know in a comment. And remember, you should always make your personal safety a top priority. We have several ways to empower you while running, walking, or hiking. 

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