Mace® Brand Pepper Spray, an Eye-Closing Experience

What’s it really like to get hit with pepper spray? 

That was the question customers and potential clients kept asking Dan Brass, the Director of Sales at Mace® Security International. Brass empowers hundreds of people every day by selling Mace® Brand non-lethal personal safety products. But he wanted do more than say getting hit with pepper spray was terrible,” he wanted to experience what it felt likeSo he did.

Brass let his daughter Madison spray him directly in the face and eyes with the Mace® Brand pink personal pepper spray.

Full Size Pepper Spray - Multiple Colors | Mace® Brand (

Brass says it’s an experience he’ll never forget, and the empowerment aspect of Mace® Brand pepper spray can’t be understated. 

It instantaneously welds your eyes shut, it just attacks your eyes with a viciousness, Dan said. If I would not have had that eye wash, I would not have been able to do anything for a full hour. 

Brass says it was more powerful than he expected“It’s really, really terrible. It burns, not like a surface burn, but almost like it gets under your skin. I looked like I got the crap beat out of me.” 

Now Brass has a greater appreciation for what Mace® Brand pepper spray can doand the empowerment that it brings. Plus he has a better answer to that question that so many people ask him.  

Getting hit with pepper spray is like a million burning hot needles going into your face and eyeballs. 

Now that’s an honest answer, based on first-hand experience.

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