Keeping Communities Safe

Freedom to Flourish

We believe people have the best possible chance to thrive when they live in safe communities. That comes with the ability to work, live and play in a secure environment. Mace® Brand products offer measure of protection that allows people to move more confidently through their lives.

With freedom comes opportunity. It’s a catalyst that helps communities to advance and grow. That’s what we want for our customers: A chance for fulfilling lives grounded in safe, secure communities.

Designed for Life

Mace® Brand’s product development teams continually innovate new ways to keep people safe. Whether we make products smarter, stronger or more powerful, we do it with our customers in mind. We also work with law enforcement and provide educational resources – all to advance the understanding of non-lethal personal protection products.

Our goal is to supply a product selection suited to various lifestyles. We remain a top brand by continually bringing new, high-quality offerings to the market that seamlessly fit into daily life. 

Forward Together

Our pledge is that Mace® Brand will always explore new ways to keep communities safe. Our products will meet the highest quality standards, and we’ll serve our customers with honesty and integrity. That’s how we can ensure more people enjoy the rewards that come with living in a secure environment – and make a positive impact on the world.

 Gary Medved

President and CEO

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