How to Use a Personal Alarm

Personal Alarms

How to Use a Personal Alarm

Personal alarms are a safe self-defense device for people of all ages. The loud alarm that resonates from the device alerts others that you may be in danger, disorients an attacker, and may even stop an attack from happening. You can also use it to signal that you’re having an emergency and need assistance.

Personal alarms are easy to use. You activate our Mace® Brand personal alarm keychain with a simple press of the button on the front. Then, the 130dB alarm alerts those around you that there is a problem.To deactivate the sound, press the button on the back. It’s that simple.

Mace® Brand offers a variety of personal alarms, and all the options are easy to own and carry. Mace® Brand personal alarms can be attached to a keychain, bag, or backpack for quick access. You can also keep it right in your hand if you’re ever in a situation where you feel uneasy.

Build your confidence. Explore Mace® Brand personal alarms to enhance your personal safety.



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