How to Use a Pepper Spray Water Trainer

With the Mace® Brand Water Trainer, feeling prepared has never been so easy! This is all about creating muscle memory. Spray the water trainer at a target or trained professional and it will simulate spraying actual pepper spray without the effects of pepper spray. The Water Trainer uses the Original Mace Brand Flip & Grip model, but is filled with water! Our Flip & Grip is designed to be fumble-free, safe and easy to use. Also check out our Personal Safety Kit. It includes a paper training target for use with the Safe Trainer Water Practice Unit. The DVD features a presentation by a retired State Police Lieutenant covering important safety tips that can help you avoid becoming the target of a crime; as well as basic techniques to defend yourself in various situations if the need arises. Download this great info sheet on how to incorporate the Mace Brand Water Trainer into any self-defense training. Click the below image of the Pepper Spray & Water Trainer Kit and purchase today!


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