Four Times Pepper Spray Saved the Day

When it comes to personal safety, pepper spray can be a strong ally. It’s easy to carry and use if you’re ever confronted with a scary situation. The proof is in the real-life tales of people who escaped harm thanks to quick thinking and pepper spray.


Here are a handful of survival stories where pepper spray saved the day. Hold onto your hat because these stories will blow you away.


So Many Near Misses

Annie Cushing tells the story of several encounters where pepper spray prevented an attack for her and her daughters. The scenarios are familiar: Late night encounters in parking lots and around town, along with confrontations while out running. In each case, pepper spray stopped the situation from escalating. Sometimes, you don’t haven’t to fire pepper spray to stop an attack. Just seeing a canister of pepper spray is enough.

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Grocery Store Malay

We’ve all heard stories about people having squabbles over wearing a mask. It’s unfortunate that such a minor inconvenience can lead to violence, particularly with retailers who are at increased risk of exposure to COVID-19. An employee at a Los Angeles grocery story wasn’t having it when a man got hostile over wearing a mask and started ramming a woman with a cart.

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Jogger Fends Off Attack

This story is all too familiar. A woman goes out for a run in a residential area only to be confronted by an attacker. Fortunately, this Denver jogger was able to fend off the attack with pepper spray. Her experience is a valuable lesson to never go out for a run or walk without being prepared with protection, especially if you’re going out alone.

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Grizzly Encounter

If you’re out and about in bear country, it’s critical to carry bear spray. While encounters with bears are rare, if you’re in an area where bears are known to live, having protection can save your life. Two men who were biking in Alaska can attest to that. While they were biking, a grizzly bear attacked one of the men. He was saved by the quick action of his friend, who had bear spray to fend off the bear.   

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