5 Safety Tips for College Dorms

College students have a lot on their minds, and a lot of times safety isn’t a top priority. Dorms become a familiar place for students, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to become complacent with safety in them. Theft, assault, and emergencies such as a fire can happen, so it’s good to take measures to protect yourself. Here are five college dorm safety tips.


Fire Safety Matters

Fire safety at college is something that people have heard about over and over since they were young children. So a lot of people are so used to hearing it that they don’t take it seriously. Don’t fall into this trap. “Make sure to test your smoke detectors regularly. Be careful if you enjoy burning candles, don’t leave them unattended. Make sure to unplug devices such as hair curlers, straighteners, and hair dryers when they are not in use, and don’t leave them plugged in unattended,” warns Kaylee McNamara, educator at PaperFellows and EliteAssignmentHelp. Have a plan ahead of time for a situation where there is a fire in the building and you need to get out quickly.

Always Lock the Door

Be sure to always lock the door to your room, even if you’re only planning on stepping out for a minute or two. Get your roommates on board and make sure they know it’s important for everyone’s safety and the security of your property. Make sure everyone has a key, and never leave the door unlocked so that someone can get in later on. If you lose your key, get the locks changed. Don’t ever loan out your key to someone. If they are a roommate they need their own key, and if they’re not, they don’t need a key.

Make a Plan

“Educate yourself about ways to keep yourself safe on campus. Take a guided tour of the campus your first week, and note where the fastest routes to and from places are. Find out where the security office is and stop in to familiarize yourself and learn,” advises Delmar Nelson, teacher at UKTopWriters and UK Writings. Learn what number you’ll need to dial in case of an emergency. All this knowledge makes up your security plan. Having a plan means that when something goes wrong you know exactly what to do and where to go to keep yourself and others safe.


Buy yourself a can of pepper spray like PepperGard Pocket Pepper Spray for self-defense, after checking the legality of these kinds of products in the state where you’ll be attending college. Keep it on you at all times, especially when you’re walking alone or at night. You can find pepper spray canisters designed to look like objects such as lipstick and pens. They’re very convenient and can be carried in a bag or purse for quick access. They are your best protection against assault, one spray and your attacker will be temporarily unable to see, and in a world of pain.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Take care with your valuables. Never flaunt large amounts of cash or high-end jewelry around the campus. Keep your valuables in a safe that you keep in your dorm room. There are many available for purchase that look like innocuous objects such as a book or are small enough to fit in a drawer. If you have an expensive laptop, consider buying a laptop lock to keep it safe.


Students have busy lives, so it can be very easy to forget about taking measures to ensure college dorm room safety. College dorms have their safety risks just like any other place. The good news is there are simple and affordable strategies to keep your risk factor very low. Follow these five dorm safety tips to stay safe in your college dorm.


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