When it comes to self-defense, Mace Brand products provide the greatest variety of non-lethal defense options. I use Triple Action Pepper Spray-Police version which easily stores with a pocket clip, and has a flip-top action. I bought one for every woman in my family. I have a large pepper gel home version by the front door. And, the flashlight with integrated stun gun for nights. Mace has always provided great customer service and quick shipping. And, the practice products keep our skills updated.      - Cody C.

"Just wanted to send you my feed back regarding the Mace pepper gel with belt clip: The size is just perfect for me to attach to my purse with easy access.  It is held securely to my purse with the clip but can be removed easily and very quickly, if ever needed.  The color is perfect and does not stand out when attached to my purse.  I bought 2 more for my 2 college age daughters to use as well.  Hopefully we will never need to use them, but if we do, I am confident with this product and our ability to access and use it effectively.  We are leaving for a vacation in Mexico next month and plan to take them with us along with the Mace screecher alarm.  Thank you for making these products!  In today's scary world these products give us some reassurance that we can remain safe."    - Michelle M.

Hey Everyone at Mace! Love your products! My wife carries the triple action pocket edition, we have the stun/flashlight in her beetle, and her sister now carries a keyguard spray (as well as on all our keys). I just want to say thanks for everything you make, and although I love using stuff when I buy it this is something I hope my wife never has to use. But I love the peace of mind knowing shes got it. Ive seen in videos online that people have stickers/bags/notebooks with your logo and I was wondering how one would get promotional stuff like that? Thanks again for having such an awesome line of products!    - Austin E.

"To whom it may concern, I'm reaching out to your company to say how much I love and appreciate your product. Have bought numerous different ones over the years. Always make sure my wife and I both have ours when we leave the the house. Thank you for making a great non lethal product and continuing to innovate it. Sincerely, Chase C. ""A Satisfied customer"    - Chase C.

"The Model #2 is fantastic. The quality of workmanship is a lot better than it looks in newsprint or on the internet. Safety features are GREAT & Simple to follow. You know when the SAFETY is ON or OFF. No question. Love the LED light. The solid beam or strobe, GREAT addition deterrent. Instructions for use, cartridge loading/unloading simple & direct. This Pepper Gun is the future. NO ONE Comes Close."      - Warren B.

I got the mace for my safety. I am a widow and I am always home alone. Had some shady people that moved in across the road from me a few months ago. There is a lot of traffic in and out. I get scared sometimes. A few years ago some young man tried to force his way into my home wish I would have had mace at that time. I feel safer now. Better to be safe than sorry.    - Lori L.

I received your product today, Triple Action, Police Model. Feeling more confident for my Family now they can, Defend themselves if a bad situation would occur God forbid. We are living in a violent world nowadays. Hopefully we may never have to use your product. We now feel safe with your product. Thank you.    - Joseph J.

This is the exact thing I needed to feel some semblance of protection. I can tell you it does work! I purchased this for my 23 year old daughter as well. Its Important to carry pepper spray for self defense, and Mace is one of the best. Get it, just for peace of mind because it's always better to safe then sorry.     - Randi B.

I bought your Mace peppergard police spray and it works great! I work for a security company in Colorado call helix tcs and it fits on my duty belt like a glove!, it doesn’t fall off or cause any discomfort, the products profile is slim and small and doesn’t get in the way, and at the same time fits my hand perfectly, I’m already recommending it to all my coworkers who ask about it definitely give it 5 stars.   - Connor M.

Personal safety is very important to me and having a non-lethal option in my home for defense.  I was very impressed with the speed in which my order was delivered, as well as the packaging it arrived in.  The instructions included with each item were easy to follow, and I know that all individuals in my household will be able to protect themselves.  An online state by state directory of where to properly dispose of expired Mace products would be helpful.    - Shawn L.

I love the pepper spray and personal alarm combo! My wife works as a homecare professional in a suspect area, and having these products makes me feel a lot safer about her job.Thanks so much for making these quality products available to those in need. Price is extremely reasonable as well! Extremely satisfied.    - Brian F.

Received my pink mace the other day. Thank you for the speedy delivery. I am 62 years old and started a walking program to control weight and high blood pressure. I walk a mile track at our township offices. Most days I can get out while people are still working there but some days I cannot. While walking after hours and alone I felt uneasy. Having my mace with me I feel safer. Even though we live in a rather safe community there is always that one that can be just around the corner. Thanks for the added security.     - Marian S.

I bought a mace stun gun for my friend who is a single woman for Christmas.  She always carries it and she says it makes her feel much safer that at least she has something ready in case anything would happen.  Within a few short months the unit would not work (one of the little screws that holds the metal contact in place was somehow stripped out and would not allow the electric connection.  I contacted Mace and they promptly replaced in no hassle!  Very pleased, I would purchase their products again since they stand behind them.    - Christy D.

I like to have a variety of self-defense items on me when walking on the trails, traveling on the roads or relaxing at home all the time.  I just updated my mace pepper gel clip-on and the large can of pepper gel for the car/camper/house.  I also purchased an alarm with a strobe light on this order.  I'm empowered against neighborhood dogs and strangers on the trails and on the road.  Last time, I purchased a stun gun.  These items bring me non-lethal self-defense when I need them.  I always feel safer and can avoid using lethal measures with these items.  I can't wait to try out the alarm system with the strobe light.  I think I'll put my earplugs in first.    - Kim K.

I recently received as a thoughtful gift the 4-pack Keyguard Pepper Spray. I consider this a valuable gift because I now have the ability to keep and potentially use four cannisters in different, potentially dangerous situations. The containers are compact and easily stored in my pocket or on a keychain. I feel that I am prepared and able to defend myself if needed. Thank you Mace!    - Bruce J.

Just wanted to say I really like your products. This is my second time ordering the Triple Action Mace. I have been lucky enough to have never been in a situation yet that I need to use it. I do feel safer knowing I have it in case I need to.    - Thomas S.

Just wanted to say I really like your products. This is my second time ordering the Triple Action Mace. I have been lucky enough to have never been in a situation yet that I need to use it. I do feel safer knowing I have it in case I need to.    - David C.

I am a 49 year old woman with a concealed carry permit. When I went to work for the local school district my husband bought me one of your flashlight/stun guns because we can’t carry guns onto school property. On a late night trip with the boys basketball team I was approached by a man that made me very nervous. I was glad I had my stun gun handy. I did not need it but you just never know. Since then we purchased one for my sister in law and recently ordered six  more for various family members. I love them. So easy to use. The charge lasts forever in my purse and I feel safe and confident. Thanks for providing such an amazing product.    - Jonna B.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to protect myself when I am out and alone.  Where I go shopping for groceries, a female was attacked by someone, and she fended them off with the spray.  I feel safer now having your product at my side.      - Ruth T.

Just received my dog repellent today.  I like the size since I'm going to use this while running.  The compact size is why I ordered and also because I've had a few close calls.  I wanted something that will deter a dog but not cause any injury.    - Don P.

I want to tell you that your product really works. In Septemberof 2016 my dog was attacked by a neighborhood pitbull. My dog survived and I have been carrying your product ever since. On May 9 2018 that same pitbull came charging toward me and my dog. I had my pepper in hand and let that pitbull have it. It stopped him in his tracks. He literally backed up and ran off. Thank you for making such a great product!     - Mary Ann S.