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EMPOWER YOUR TEAM At Mace Brand, we believe it is important to empower your employees to protect themselves on the job. We're proud to build products that give your staff the confidence to defend themselves anywhere, anytime. Shop Our Alarms

Benefits of arming your team with personal safety alarms

Personal Safety Alarms are easy to use and legal in all 50 states. These safety alarm keychains operate with just a simple push of a button and quickly alert all those around you of your need for assistance.
As a leader in the personal safety space, Mace Brand believes every person has the right to feel safe. We provide high-quality products and resources that help people protect themselves. We hope our products never have to be used, but if they do –they can be used confidently and securely.
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It would scare off anyone.
“This Mace Brand alarm is deafening. I hope I never have occasion to use it but if I do, I believe it would scare off anyone.”

- "S. Dobbs. Mace Brand Customer