Baton Type Pepper Spray Instructions

Baton Type Pepper Spray Instructions

The Pepper Mace® Baton is intended to be aimed at the face.  When activated, a cone-shaped cloud of pepper spray solution will be discharged, reaching up to 5 feet from the unit. The baton contains approximately six short bursts.  Avoid discharging your Pepper Mace® Baton directly into the wind.  If necessary, shield your face when discharging your unit.

Arrange your keys on the largest split ring. The smaller ring attaches to your Pepper Mace® Baton.

Carry your Pepper Mace® Baton wherever you go.  When walking to or from your home, car or office, the Pepper Mace® Baton conveniently carries your keys and places an effective means of personal safety in your hand.

Hold the Pepper Mace® Baton in your strong hand with the gold actuator at your thumb.  Release the black wrap-around safety with your thumb (Figure 1.) 
Move the Pepper Mace® Baton to a level position with the actuator facing you. Place your thumb on the back of the actuator and aim the unit at the subject’s face. Enhance your grip by using both hands if needed.  Press the actuator forward with your thumb (Figure 2.)

Release the actuator to stop discharging.  Leave the area immediately. Go in the opposite direction and summon help. Re-engage the safety of your Baton by returning the black wrap-around locking clip to the locked position.

After use, you may wish to disassemble the Baton and rinse with soap and water  to remove any remaining pepper residue.  Do not allow residue to contact eyes  or skin as irritation will occur.

The Pepper Mace Baton is Refillable.  
To replace the pepper spray cartridge, carefully unscrew the actuator end of the baton with the safety in the locked position

Remove the cartridge and dispose of it in accordance with local regulations.
Install a new baton refill cartridge—model # 80361. Replace the actuator section of the baton and secure tightly.