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  • Video Blog - Sometimes 'Nothing

    Video Blog - Sometimes 'Nothing" Means Good

     If nothing happens, is that a good thing? Or as the old saying goes, close only counts in darts and horseshoes - right? How about when it comes to your personal safety? Do we ever really know how close a close call really is? Sometimes when nothing happens, it's a good thing.

    Hear what happened to one young lady recently as told to us by the founder and President of the Diamond Arrow Group, Kelly Sayre:

    Mace® Brand


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  • Ideal for Women Runners - Something

    Ideal for Women Runners - Something "Stunning"

    You're enjoying a great run. You're in "the zone." You're lost in your own world.

    You keep going, but then you find yourself isolated, becoming further away from others with each stride you take. What happens if someone confronts you? What if someone suddenly approaches?  Would you be able to protect yourself? Are you prepared?

    It's best to prepare yourself before you leave your house with an effective non-lethal weapon. 

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