Keyguard Mini Pepper Spray Instructions


When you sense that you are in a potentially dangerous situation, have your unit in hand and ready to use.  For best results, shake well before using. Open the hinged flip-top cover to reveal the actuator button. Place your thumb on the actuator button. The unit is properly aimed when your thumb is behind the alignment tab and the white indicator on the actuator is pointing in the direction you wish to spray. You are now ready to spray the assailant by pressing down on the actuator button with your thumb. Point and spray short bursts at the facial area of your assailant. Release the actuator button to stop firing. The formulation is most effective on contact with the eyes. Continue to spray until the attacker is incapacitated, then move to a safe place as quickly as possible. Do not attempt to take the attacker into custody–you may be injured if you do. Contact the police when you are safely away. The unit is designed to be actuated in short bursts aimed at the face. When actuated, the irritant agent will issue from the unit a distance up to approximately 5 feet. Avoid spraying directly into the wind. Use the unit in the upright position only, otherwise it may not function properly then or afterwards.