About Mace®

Our story is rooted in empowerment

Like many companies, the events of 2020 drove our team to consider why we do what we do. We asked ourselves: what is our promise? How do we make a difference in people’s lives? We wanted to unearth the true power behind our products and use that to drive our company’s heartbeat.

At a leadership brainstorm, a new executive suggested our products empower vulnerable people. It’s a simple enough sentiment. But with further consideration, we realized our products allow people to keep themselves, their loved ones, and their communities safe. From that point, our true north came into focus. 

We developed our mission: Provide family and community safety through individual empowerment. To support our mission, we believe it is essential to live our values every day. We created our culture code to instill a set of behaviors that guide our decisions, whether it be employee hiring, charitable giving or capital expenditures.

We recognize our personal safety products have the power to change lives. Our commitment requires working tirelessly, innovating breakthrough products, and reaching our customers when it matters most. These realizations drive us to make charitable donations, so those most vulnerable have access to personal safety products. 

Our mission and culture code hold us to a higher standard. We come to work feeling good about what we do because we strive to do good in the world. We’re a small company making a difference through helpful education, charitable donations, and the most effective personal safety products around.