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  • How to Help Your Child Develop Situational Awareness

    How to Help Your Child Develop Situational Awareness

    You can teach your child how to be more aware of his or her surroundings and increase personal safety in the process. The key is to make it fun and interesting. At Mace® Brand, we're all about providing community and family safety through individual empowerment, regardless of age.

    Let us help guide you through a few ideas on how to educate and inform your children on what it takes to stay safe in various situations.


    Mace® Brand is best know for pepper spray and several non-lethal personal protection devices. 



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  • "Empowerment To Me Is a Feeling That I Can Conquer Anything I Put My Mind To" - Interview with Collegiate Golfer Sarah White

    Sarah White is someone you should know, and her journey is filled with grit and determination. At Mace® Brand, we like to recognize those who make a difference in their community, those who inspire others, and those who have a positive impact on all of us. That's why we're sharing Sarah's story. If you have any suggestions for stories, feel free to contact us at 

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  • Our Favorite Empowerment-Focused Podcasts

    Our Favorite Empowerment-Focused Podcasts

     At Mace® Brand we strive to provide community and family safety through individual empowerment. Empowerment is more than a word to us. It's the guiding force behind what we do. We provide empowerment through personal safety, serving our community, and developing new ways to keep you and your family safe. 

    Our community involvement is what sets us apart. We're mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, just like you. Your time is valuable. We want to inform and educate you on issues that important to you. With that in mind, we'd like to share our favorite empowerment podcasts, in no particular order.



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