Family Protection Bundle Kit

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The Ultimate kit for Non-Lethal Personal and Family Protection.

The kit includes our best-selling Mace 2.0 Pepper Gun, 2 practice water canisters, and 1 OC pepper canister.  OC pepper is the special, extremely hot pepper used in pepper spray.  We also include a unique Mace Brand Night Defender Pepper Gel and our most powerful Mace Brand stun gun.

This kit provides safety both day and night, in distant (18') and up-close situations.   See below for more information on each of the items in the kit.

MACE Night Defender

Self defense that sticks 

You don't have to worry about wind blowback or misfires. Thanks to gel stream technology, this pepper gel night defender pepper spray allows you to quickly hit the mark and protect yourself against threats from a distance.

• Gel stream technology dispenses as a thick, glue-like substance that sticks to and incapacitates the attacker
• OC pepper gel causes respiratory distress and coughing, impaired vision, and an intense burning sensation to the skin
• UV dye leaves a long-lasting residue to support investigation and identification
• Contains 20 bursts with a spray range of 18 feet, but always replace or refill after use

Enhanced control and safety

Compact and easy to carry, all you have to do is grab your pepper gel night defender pepper spray and go. And, thanks to reliable safety controls, there’s no need to stress about accidental misfires.
• LED safety light enhances visibility and accuracy
• Flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge

Always ready

Night Defender Pepper Gel is ready if and when you need it. Simply put your thumb under the flip-top safety cap and press down on the actuator button to spray. 

Mace 2.0 Pepper Gun

Powerful defense from a distance

Designed with an LED light, this pepper gun empowers you to distract and stop would-be attackers in their tracks.

• Sleek delivery system contains 7 bursts and sprays at a range of up to 20 feet
• Dual-mode LED strobe light distracts distant threats 
• OC pepper spray causes respiratory distress and coughing, impaired vision and an intense burning sensation to the skin
• UV dye leaves a long-lasting residue to support investigation and identification
• Integrated picatinny rail for accessory attachments

Enhanced control, accuracy and safety

Easy to grab, aim and fire, this pepper gun is engineered to deliver maximum security and accuracy.

• Slide-release safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
• Easy-to-load OC pepper spray cartridge locks in place
• Pistol-grip design for point-and-shoot accuracy

Always ready

Pepper Gun 2.0 is ready if and when you need it. For maximum effect and range, prepare the pepper spray by rapidly shaking the pepper gun before taking aim. Deploy the pepper spray by placing your forefinger on the trigger, squeeze and hold for two to three second bursts.


Compact Stun Gun

The Mace Brand Compact Stun Gun emits a shock of up to 7.6 microcoulombs and has a bright LED flashlight.

  • EFFECTS: A shock from the Mace Brand Compact Stun of one second or less will cause pain and minor muscle contractions. Stunning the assailant for one to two seconds will cause spasms and a dazed mental state. Stunning an assailant for three to five seconds will cause a loss of balance and muscle control. Do not continue to stun an assailant once you are able to escape to safety.

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