Dorm Room Safety Kit

Color: Pink
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This kit from Mace provides (3) modes of security to keep your loved one safe while away at college. First, an ear-piercing alarm is included. Next, a powerful stun drvice provides up close, immediate, and shocking self-defense. Finally, a powerful pepper gel is included that is equipped with a LED light providing nighttime defense. All built by Mace, the brand you trust.

Mace Brand Personal Alarms

-Provide an instant, ear-piercing 130-decibel audible alarm similar to an air raid siren.

-A Backup whistle is also built into the alarm body. -Batteries and keychain clip are included.

Mace Brand Stun Device

-Delivers a devastating shock to any attacker

-Includes a flashlight and strobe light function

Mace Brand Night Defender Pepper Gel

-included LED brings instant security in the night

-Max Strength pepper gel sticks to the face of any attacker -Shoots pepper gel up to 18 ft.

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