Complete Home Defense Kit

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Get the proven protection you need to protect yourself and your family at home.

The Mace® Brand Complete Home Defense Kit provides 2 ways to keep your loved ones safe. First, our Night Defender pepper gel. Next, our reliable 2.0 Pepper Gun.

Better than pepper spray, the Night Defender pepper gel allows you to quickly hit your target and protect yourself against threats from up to 18 feet away. Keep one on your nightstand and be ready. It includes an LED light so you can see your target and see where you're going should you need to investigate.

The Mace® Brand 2.0 Pepper Gun also has an LED light and contains 7 bursts of pepper spray. It sprays up to 20 feet.

The Mace® Brand Complete Home Defense Kit also includes 2 OC pepper cans and 2 water trainer cartridges you can use for practice. You also get 2 practice targets with this kit. 


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