Take Down Extreme Pepper Gel

The Take Down® line of pepper sprays is manufactured for use by law enforcement, correctional institutions, and security personnel and maintains a 40 year tradition of high-quality law enforcement products from Mace Personal Defense. In addition to a complete line of pepper sprays in a variety of formulations and models, the Take Down product line includes a training kit, inert training units, Relief decontamination spray and holsters.


Take Down Extreme Pepper Gel


TAKE DOWN EXTREME® PEPPER GEL® is our strongest pepper spray, a 1.4% capsaicinoids concentration, suspended in a sticky gel, making it ideal for use indoors or in windy conditions. The patent pending formula has several advantages over traditional pepper sprays. Pepper Gel sprays farther than other pepper sprays and sticks on contact. The gel is less contaminating. Streaming pepper sprays can contaminate the surrounding area when used indoors and will take awhile to dissipate. The thick gel formula holds the active ingredients, so it fully affects the targeted person with minimal contamination to the surrounding area. Pepper gel is non-flammable and will not ignite with stun guns or similar electronic devices.

Take Down Extreme Pepper Spray


TAKE DOWN EXTREME® PEPPER SPRAY® is also available in a stream formula.

  • 1.33% Capsaicinoids
  • stream spray pattern
  • Non-flammable formula effective against those with decreased sensitivity to pain


Take Down OC-5.5 Pepper Spray


Takedown OC-5.5 Pepper Spray

TAKE DOWN OC-5.5 PEPPER SPRAY formula is available in both stream and fogger models. Capsaicinoids vary depending on spray pattern.

Take Down OC-10 Pepper Spray


Takedown OC-10 Pepper Spray


  • 0.66% Capsaicinoids
  • Potent “ballistic” stream provides maximum protection in most situations
  • Non-flammable formula effective against those with decreased sensitivity to pain

Take Down OC/CS Blend Pepper Spray


Takedown OC/CS Blend Pepper Spray

TAKE DOWN OC/CS BLEND PEPPER SPRAY has the stopping power of OC pepeper combined with the irritant of CS tear gas and is available in both stream and fogger models.

  • 0.35% Capsaicinoids
  • OC/CS Tear Gas
  • Effective against those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, mentally ill or
    extremely agitated.

Take Down OC Foam Pepper Spray


Takedown OC Foam Pepper Spray


  • 0.66% Capsaicinoids
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Minimal cross-contamination
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, safety tested formula
  • Excellent decontamination properties
  • No ozone depleting carriers