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May 2018

FAQ: What are the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Formulas?

By Amy Kessler Yesterday 9 Views No comments

This is a question that we receive often here at Mace® Brand.

We have a variety of different pepper spray formulas for several different kinds of Mace® Brand pepper spray models, but you may be wondering what is the difference between all of our formulas?

We are here to give you that answer.

OC Pepper

Oleoresin capsicum (OC) is a naturally occurring substance derived from hot peppers. OC Pepper causes an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes and throat upon contact. Mace® Brand defense sprays are available in different strengths to satisfy virtually every requirement.

*This is not a comprehensive list of pepper sprays that have OC; ALL Mace® Brand Pepper Sprays contain OC Pepper. Please visit Mace.com for more information.

Tear Gas

Tear Gas is a lachrymatory agent, or lachrymator, which stimulates the corneal nerves in the eyes, thereby causing profuse tearing and pain, an intense burning sensation to the skin and shortness of breath. Common lachrymators include CN tear gas (omega-chloroacetophenone) and CS tear gas (ortho-chlorobenzalmalononitrile).

Blended Sprays

Mace® Brand Triple Action formula combines OC Pepper, CN tear gas and UV dye. The advantage of this formula is that it that you don’t have to hit the attacker in the face; even if you hit them in the chest, the tear gas will affect your attacker.

May 25, 2018 8:34:38 PM

Animal Sprays

We also manufacture products for use as deterrents against dogs and bears. Our Muzzle® K9 Pepper Spray and Bear Spray are EPA registered products and are effective, humane, non-lethal canine and bear deterrents.

UV Dye

The majority of Mace® Brand Defense Sprays include a UV Dye. This is an invisible marking dye which may help police identify you attacker using an ultraviolet light to show that the individual has in fact been sprayed by pepper spray.

*This is not a comprehensive list of pepper sprays that have UV. Please visit Mace.com to see if your favorite Mace® Brand pepper spray contains UV dye!

5 Ingenious Ways Of Keeping Security In Check From Here On Out

By Rachel Stinson 22 days ago 472 Views No comments

Securing the house is one of the biggest concerns of every homeowner. While the frequency of burglaries can change depending on the area, every house can be a target at some point and as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry! By following a few quick tips and knowing what to do and what not to, you can make sure your house is secure against any home invasion, keeping your valuables and your family safe.

Enhance The Exterior Lighting

Shadows and dark spots are a favorite among burglars as it makes for great hiding spots. If your garden is always dark at night, burglars can easily find a place to stay hidden. You should light up your garden or yard in a manner that covers all the available entrance. If leaving the lights on throughout the night is too costly for you, opt for a motion sensing light or two. Not only will this cut down on your bill, but it will also catch a thief by surprise.

Trim The Hedges And Other Plants

Contrary to popular belief, a burglar is most exposed when he is trying to break in to the house, not when he is in the house. This is because they would be easily visible to any passerby, which is why they prefer sneaking in through back gardens. Cut down plants, specially ones near entrances to a short level, or hedges so that they do not make for good hiding spots.

Put Up Security Signs

If you did not know, houses with no security cams and spy cams are more often broken into. In the event that you do have cameras, let burglars know by installing a sign that warns them about the existence of a security camera system. This can deter most criminals from even making a move in the first place.

Stop The Newspaper Supply When You Are Not Home

One of the biggest invitations to a burglar is the sight of an empty house. This is why many people leave the lights on when they are going away on vacation but if other signs like a pile of newspapers are present, then its painfully obvious that your house is empty. You can ask your newspaper company to stop sending newspapers over until you are back or ask the neighbors to take it.

Do Not Hide Extra Keys

A common tactic by many homeowners is to hide a spare key somewhere near the front door, such as under the mat, under a flower pot or somewhere else in the garden. However, if the thief finds the key, he gets free access to the house and nowadays hiding a spare key is something most criminals are familiar with and are sure to look around for it. If you do want to keep a spare key, consider giving one to your neighbor. This way, if you lock yourself out, you can easily get a key without putting your house or family member in danger.


Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants andcamera stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.


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