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March 2018

How To Get Pepper Spray Out Of Your Eyes

By Amy Kessler & Bernie Graney 2 months ago 1990 Views No comments

Many have asked.

We have the answer.

If you are a pepper spray owner, it is important to know how to treat an area that has been affected by pepper spray, in case it is ever blown back on you or if you accidentally spray it on yourself or someone else.

Let’s first start off with the some background information about what actually is in pepper spray formula.

The formulation is an oleoresin capsicum solution derived from hot peppers. It’s an effective inflammatory agent that works on the eyes, respiratory system and mucous membranes. The formulation impairs breathing from the mouth and dilates the capillaries of the eye, leaving the assailant temporary without sight and short of breath.

  1. Remove contact lenses and contaminated clothing immediately. Contaminated clothing should be washed or dry-cleaned, as appropriate, prior to re-use to prevent skin injury
  2. Flush contaminated area with large quantities of cool water or a diluted baking soda solution and expose the area to fresh air as soon as possible
  3. Do not apply salves, creams, oils or lotions as they can trap the irritant agent against the skin and result in blisters or burns
  4. Consult a physician if irritation persists
  5. Recommended Mace Brand product:

The Relief decontamination spray is designed to help speed up the decontamination time needed to recover. The specialized herbal extract formula cuts through the capsaicinoids that cause the burning sensation in the eyes.

For more information about the Mace Brand Relief decontamination spray, click here.

After you take care of the above steps, now its onto decontaminating the area of where the pepper spray was sprayed.

The techniques described below have proven successful in reducing the irritant agent contamination, especially on surfaces which are hard and non-absorbent.

The decontamination of a building and items of equipment may be attempted by following the three steps outlined below. Safety wear, including but not limited to eye protection, respiratory protection, rubber gloves and protective clothing should be worn.


The single, most important step in the decontamination process is to remove all airborne particles of the irritant agent within the building.

Doors and windows should be opened to create cross ventilation. Wherever possible, active ventilation should be employed to exhaust the air from the building to the outdoors. Active ventilation is usually best accomplished by arranging an exhaust fan to provide a constant flow of air in a single direction through the building to the outdoors. The exhaust fan should remain in operation until the total decontamination process is complete.


Cloth covered furniture, disposable goods and other items which cannot be decontaminated should be removed. These items can either be destroyed or exposed to the air, breeze and sunlight which may reduce their contamination.

Wipe Down/Wash Down

In most cases, the irritant agent may be removed by wiping down the affected areas with a mild solution of a detergent dissolved in lukewarm water.

Do not use hot water, as this will cause the irritant agent to become airborne. Rubber gloves should be worn to protect the hands from the irritant agent. The material used in the cleanup operation should be disposed of after use.

Carpets and rugs should be cleaned to remove any residual irritant agent. All disposal practices must be in compliance with all Federal, state/provincial and local laws and regulations. Regulations may vary in different locations.

6 Essential Spring Break Safety Tips

By Amy Kessler 3 months ago 520 Views No comments

It’s finally that time of year again – dust off your luggage and get ready for some much needed R&R on spring break!

Spring break is a time to unwind from the stresses of work or school, and to travel to a destination, whether it would be the mountains or beach. No matter the destination that you choose to travel to this year, follow these two important rules:

  1. Have fun
  2. Most importantly, be safe

According to a presentation by Middle Tennessee Health Promotion, Health, Wellness & Recreation Center, approximately 1.5 million people go on spring break each year, which means you will be surrounded by a multitude of unfamiliar faces in an unfamiliar destination.

Your friends at Mace Brand and North Coast Defense Academy want you to be safe, so we have gathered our top 6 spring break safety tips to keep you as safe as you can be.

The buddy system

Trust us, it works! Don’t leave a party alone; grab one or two of your friends to have them walk you to wherever you are headed. If for some reason that you do need to leave the party unattended, make sure you inform your friends where you are headed and to give them a call/send a text once you arrive.

Carry pepper spray and/or a personal alarm

Not only will carrying a pepper spray or a personal alarm keep you protected when walking in an unfamiliar place but it will also show that you are prepared and have the right tools to protect yourself.

Recommended items:

For more information about the Mace Brand Keyguard Hard Case Pepper Spray, click here.

For more information on the Mace Brand Personal Alarm Keychain, click here.

Be wary of who you give your information to

You will meet a lot of new and unfamiliar people while on your spring break trip. Be cautious of what their intentions might be and proceed with caution.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help

There will be security personnel everywhere; at restaurants, the beach, hotels, etc… Utilize them for their help, if necessary.

Finding closest police station to hotel/location

“Often times, specially overseas, police are very unreliable when asked for help in the street,” said Joe Rondon from the Northcoast Defense Academy. “They (police) often ask for cash money upfront before they help you. Doing so at a police station is far more difficult to pull off that stunt."

Finding information about U.S. Embassy, if traveling abroad

“Find out and locate all of the information pertaining to the U.S. Embassy and carry direct phone numbers of individuals from the embassy or consulate,” said Rondon. “In a jam, this is the best way to go."


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