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June 2016

How Mace Brand Compares to Others

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Summary of "Ready, set, spray: testing pepper spray" by 12KRVS


Mace® Brand Pepper Spray was recently tested against competing pepper spray products in a video for KFVS12 News and Weather. Mace® Brand Pepper Spray’s simple, yet durable and safe, design fared the best choice. The goal of the video was to provide the audience with knowledge and advice on the best pepper spray to carry for self-protection. Anchor Amanda Hanson led the tests of the different pepper sprays, including: The Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray, The Mace® Brand Pepper Spray Gun, The Sabre Red Concealable Lipstick Pepper Spray, The Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet, and the Police OC-17 Magnum. She received help from Lawrence Fleming, a self defense trainer. He gave his opinion on the safety and durability of these products. Here is a look at the tests and results:

Hanson and Fleming started with the testing of The Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet. This bracelet claims to spray 3 feet and is known for its light weight. During the test, they saw little spray coming out of the bracelet and noticed that it did not make it close to spraying 3 feet. They agreed that this product was not worth the $20 in cost to purchase. More importantly, they both felt that it would not give much protection in the time of danger or being attacked.

When looking at The Sabre Red Concealable Lipstick Pepper Spray, Hanson found some interesting results and conclusions. The product is very appealing for women because of its lipstick tube design to mask the standard looking pepper spray. The spray performed well and sprayed at the target. However, Fleming expressed his concerns for possible problems during the delivery when having to take off the lid. He seemed confident that it would work, but expressed that it wouldn’t be his personal first pick when it comes to the variety of pepper sprays. Hanson agreed with this statement, highlighting the potential problem of it going off in a purse due to the cheap lid.

Moving onto another unique looking pepper spray, Hanson tested The Police OC-17 Magnum. The design of this product makes the pepper spray look like a pen, giving it that disguised look similar to that of the Lipstick model by Sabre Red. From the beginning of this test there were problems. When Hanson took off the lid the spray button came off the valve stem. This was very concerning for Hanson because if she were to be attacked and needed help, the dysfunction of the pepper spray button breaking could cause her to be “out of luck,” as she puts it. The spray also underperformed when it came to the target test. It failed to spray far compared to the other products produced by Mace and Sabre Red.

Finally, Hanson and Fleming tested the Mace® Brand products. The first pepper spray model to be tested was The Mace® Brand Hot Pink Pepper Spray. Fleming discussed the great design of Mace® Brand Pepper Spray and how safety is a major factor. He states, “It was designed to just slide your finger in and now it’s ready to use. But, if it was out of use it won’t accidentally discharge. When I worked in law enforcement, I carried a model very similar to that.” This was Fleming’s pick for which pepper spray to purchase. During the spray test, Mace® Brand Pepper Spray hit the target right between the eyes and Hanson agreed with Fleming by stating it was the best pepper spray so far. She highlights the impressive low price of $9 for a great performance as a “win win.”

The final pepper spray Hanson and Fleming tested was for The Mace® Brand Pepper Spray Gun. Before testing, Hanson stated how impressive the pepper spray design looked. She joked about the need for a holster to be able to carry it around, which foreshadowed a point she makes about the practicality of the product. She found the Mace® Brand Pepper Spray Gun to be the easiest to spray and the most on target, but on the flip side, not very practical and more expensive compared to the other products. She mentions that the usage of this model of pepper spray was not very realistic in everyday life because it could not be carried in a purse or pocket, which is what she was looking for. Overall, The Mace® Brand Hot Pink Pepper spray was their pick for the best choice of pepper sprays. To close the video, Hanson gave Fleming’s advice to practice with the pepper spray and to regularly check the expiration date.

For more information, click here to watch the video.


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