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January 2016

Is your home a prime target for burglars?

By Neil 2 years ago 4610 Views 2 comments

Each year, one of every 36 homes in the U.S. is burglarized, according to the FBI, and if you don’t have a home security system installed, your chances of being robbed increase by 300 percent.

Many people shy away from installing a home security system because of concerns about cost, but consider this: The average loss in a home break-in is $2,230, while the cost of a surveillance system averages just $1,100.

So consider installing a system that serves as a deterrent to would-be thieves who will look for obvious signs that a home is protected, such as easily spotted cameras or security warning signs in the front yard. Thieves are aware that protected homes increase the odds that they’ll be caught and will seek easier targets as a result.

When choosing a system, here are some features to consider.

Motion-activated lights and night-vision cameras. Motion-activated lights make the thief believe someone is home and awake, and night-vision cameras help secure dark areas of your property.

A high-decibel siren. A siren with 120 decibels causes pain to the thief and will bring neighbors to their windows.

Security signs and stickers. One of the biggest advantages of a home security system is the deterrence factor. You don’t want to hide the fact your property is protected, so make sure your system comes with signs or stickers you can prominently display to deter thieves.

Installing a home security system can bring you peace of mind, helping to ensure that your home is not one of the 2.5 million that will be burglarized this year.

- Neil

Neil Riveron is the Global Product Manager for Mace Security International.


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