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mace® stories


Heather is a marathon runner and young mother living in Denver, who runs while her kids are at school. One warm and sunny morning she was running through City Park, and a suspicious man...

How Mace® Protected Heather

Home, Safe Home

Tracy’s husband John travels often for business. One night when John was away on business, Tracy heard a disturbance outside her home. Luckily, they already had Mace installed…

How Mace® Protected Tracy

beware of bear

Joe is an avid hiker, pursuing a goal to visit every national park in the United States. However, in 2011, on his second trip to Yellowstone, he encountered an aggressive bear…

How Mace® Protected Joe

Stay Safe Late

Erica is a young, single ad executive living in Greensboro, SC who often finds herself working late. One night on the way to her car in a dimly lit parking garage she heard quick footsteps behind her…

How Mace® Protected Erica

mace® stories

About Mace® Brand

Mace® is known around the world as the original manufacturer of pepper sprays. Trusted since 1970, our pepper spray is manufactured in the USA in our mid-west based headquarters.

Whether you want to protect yourself by carrying pepper spray or secure your home or business with CCTV video surveillance, at Mace.com you can buy everything security. From pepper sprays and animal repellants to surveillance cameras, security DVRs and CCTV equipment, Mace® has it all!

When you buy directly from us, you know you are getting an original Mace® quality product and the service that you have come to recognize with our brand name.

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